30.04.2018 BCEL Resolutions of the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting of BCEL for the Year 2017_EN.pdf 
10.04.2018 BCEL BCEL Letter of Invitation to 2017 AGM_EN.pdf  
28.03.2018 BCEL Resolution of Board of Directors of Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public_EN.pdf 
22.03.2018 BCEL BCEL and Thanachart Bank Jointly Develop a New Cross-border Payment Channel via QR Code_EN.pdf 
29.01.2018 BCEL BCEL 1st Ordinary BoD Meeting Resolutions for the year 2018 (26012018)_EN.pdf
20.12.2017 BCEL Press Release ISO CERTIFICATION CEREMONY.pdf
24.11.2017 BCEL BCEL Received Operational Excellence Award for the Year 2016 from Wells Fargo Bank_EN.pdf  
12.11.2017 BCEL BCEL's Overall Business Performance Review Meeting for the Third Quarter of 2017_EN.pdf
05.11.2017 BCEL Resolutions the 3rd Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's BoD for the Year 2017_EN.pdf 
30.10.2017 BCEL Contract Signing Ceremony between Tax Department and BCEL on Launching a Modern System for Road Tax Payment_EN.pdf 
02.10.2017 BCEL Bank Holidays_EN.pdf 
02.10.2017 BCEL Press Release (BCEL) and Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam continue the new period of cooperation from 2017-2020_EN.pdf
20.09.2017 BCEL Signing Ceremony on the Development of Systems for Smart VAT and Fee Collection_EN.pdf
18.09.2017 BCEL Technical Assistance for Loan Originating System Improvement (LOS) and Credit Rating System (CRS) between BCEL and Ernst & Young Lao Company Limited_EN.pdf
31.08.2017 BCEL BCEL Semi Annual Report 2017_EN.pdf
15.08.2017 BCEL Announcement of Record Date for Participation in the Right Offering and the Ex-Right Date_EN.pdf
06.06.2017 BCEL Business Performance Summary for the First Quarter 2017_EN.pdf
06.06.2017 BCEL BCEL_Annual Report 2016_EN.pdf
28.04.2017 BCEL BCEL Annual General Shareholders Meeting Resolutions 2016_EN.pdf
27.04.2017 BCEL BCEL's Overall Business Performance Review Meeting for the First Quarter of the Year 2017_EN.pdf
11.04.2017 BCEL Letter of Invitation_EN.pdf
11.04.2017 BCEL Resolutions on Approval of the Audit Results of BCEL's Financial Statement for the Year 2016 and the Dividend for the Year 2016_EN.pdf
20.03.2017 BCEL Closing date of the shareholders registration book of Banque pour le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public_EN.pdf
20.03.2017 BCEL Resolutions 1st Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's Board of Directors for the year 2017 (17-03-2017)_EN.pdf
28.02.2017 BCEL Signing Ceremony on Financial Advisory Services Between Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur Lao Public and Lao-Chinese Securities Company Limited_EN.pdf
17.02.2017 BCEL Agreement on Assignment of the Deputy Managing Director of BCEL_EN.pdf
07.02.2017 BCEL Signing Ceremony between BCEL and Krungthai Leasing Services Company Limited on Bill Payment Services via BCEL's service channels
23.12.2016 BCEL  Resolutions 4th Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's Board of Directors for the year 2016
14.11.2016 BCEL  Summary of Business Performance in the nine-month 2016_EN_14.11.2016
26.10.2016 BCEL  Resolutions The 3rd Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's BOD for 2016_26.10.2016_EN.pdf
21.10.2016 BCEL  Appointment Agreement of Appointment of Deputey General Managing Director of BCEL_21.10.2016_EN.pdf
12.09.2016 BCEL  AFM award 2016 Press Release_EN_12.09.2016
29.08.2016 BCEL  Summary of Business performance_30th June 2016_EN_29.08.2016
29.7.2016 BCEL  Resolutions Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's Board of Directors_EN_29.07.2016
16.05.2016 BCEL   Summary of Business performance_Q1_2016_16.05.2016_EN version
12.05.2016 BCEL   AGM Minutes 2015_EN
  BCEL   BCEL's Summary of Business Performance 2015 _ EN
08.04.2016 BCEL   BCEL's Invitation Letter_EN and LA version_08.04.2016
18.03.2016 BCEL   Resolution of Ordinary Meeting of BCEL's BOD_EN_18.03.2016.pdf
16.03.2016 BCEL  BCEL's BOD Meeting Resolutions 16 March 2016
15.1.2016 BCEL   Agreement on the Appointment of General Managind Director EN
25.12.2015 BCEL   BCEL_close for the 2015 fiscal year acount summarising_EN
09.12.2015 BCEL   Resolutions of ordinary meeting of BCEL's borad of Directors_EN version
16.11.2015 BCEL   Agreement on the appointment of deputy Managing director and CV_EN version
16.09.2014 BCEL   Resolutions of BOD_Eng
  BCEL   Letter to Shareholders E
  BCEL    Resolutions of BCEL_s Shareholders_ Meeting E.pdf 
16.9.2014 BCEL   Resolutions of Ordinary BCEL’s Board of Directors Meeting on 16/09/2014.
27.2.2014 BCEL   BCEL BOD_E.pdf
  BCEL   Invitation Letter to The Annual General Shareholders' Meeting for the Year 2013